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Profile of ​Baby Jogger’s City Select Single Baby Stroller

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Touted as the most versatile stroller on the market today, the City Select Single Baby Stroller is a study in utility. Configurable in 16 different combinations, this award-winning stroller stands above the crowd when it comes to combining versatility and adaptability in a family stroller.

What could be Baby Jogger’s most popular baby stroller line, the City Select Single Stroller begins as a single stroller, but can be configured or adapted into a double or triple for growing families. It's ideal for parents who like to be on the go with a baby (or two) in tow. Remembers, it's not intended for jogging despite the moniker.


Living up to its stellar reputation, the City Select boasts a number of standard and special features:

  • Can be outfitted with with a car seat adapter. This allows for City Select Single to become a travel system.
  • Can easily add a second seat including Baby Jogger's City Select Second Seat Kit.
  • Lightweight and compact at only 28lb, making it great for travel and storage.
  • Sturdy frame capable of supporting up to 45lbs. per seated child.
  • Ride-smoothing front wheel suspension with 12” rear tires that never go flat.
  • Child seats can be adjusted to rear-facing or parent-facing.
  • Steering handlebar is telescoping and height-adjustable.
  • Stroller fabric is removable and machine washable in the event of spills or stains.
  • Five point safety harness is adjustable, and features extra padding for baby’s comfort.
  • And much more...

The City Select Single comes in nine attractive colors: Ruby, Amethyst, Onyx, Quartz, Black, Red, Sand, Silver, and Teal. It’s also a self-folding stroller, triggered by simply lifting up the sides. Snaps shut tightly for storage and transportation.


The seating was definitely designed with a baby’s comfort in mind. The multiple recline positions, extra padding, and adjustable foot wells all add up to a smooth ride.


The City Select Single Canopy has a UV 50+ rating, providing ample shade and protection on outdoor excursions. The canopy also features a magnetic closure peek-a-boo window that allows parents to look in on their baby.


There are a number of convenient accessories that can purchased separately for the City Single Select, including:

  • Bassinet Kit
  • Second Seat Kit
  • Deluxe Pram
  • Weather Shield, for the pram, seat and/or under seat storage basket
  • Liquid Holster, which attaches to the handlebar
  • Parent Console, Cooler Bag, and Carry Bag
  • Single Child Tray
  • UV/Bug Canopy
  • Foot Muff

The City Select Single Baby Stroller also features One Hand Quick Fold Technology, and a lock to keep the folded stroller from reopening. All City Select Strollers also have a Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

For more information on Baby Jogger's City Select Single Baby Stroller, contact 1.800.758.8580. Make sure to browse our selection of affordable City Select Strollers, including Baby Jogger’s acclaimed City Select Single Baby Stroller.

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