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​Company Profile: Baby Jogger, The Company Behind "City" Series Strollers

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Baby Jogger is recognized as an industry leader in developing high-quality, all-terrain and jogging-ready baby strollers for parents on the go. Founded in 1984 by newspaper journalist and avid jogger Phil Baechler, Baby Jogger was created soon after Baechler realized that ordinary baby strollers simply weren’t sturdy enough for the jogging parent. The company has since developed an entire line of versatile, rugged, and adaptable baby strollers, joggers and otherwise, for all terrains and activity levels.

Baby Jogger’s core company philosophy is that they’re parents first, and stroller designers second. Hence, they come up with innovations and designs that have busy and active parents in mind foremost. Baby Jogger understands that today’s parents have places to go and activities to do with their children, so they create quality baby strollers for that very purpose, featuring unmatched functionality while being configurable in a variety of useful combinations.

Although Baby Jogger was acquired by Newell Rubbermaid in 2014, they remain steadfast in their commitment to providing innovative baby stroller solutions for growing families everywhere.

“City” Series Strollers

Baby Jogger introduced their most popular family of baby strollers, the City Series, in 2008. Routinely lauded by the baby specialty industry as uniquely superior innovations, the strollers in the City Series have since garnered several industry awards while continuing to bring new offerings to its product line. Featuring patented quick-fold technology, the following are notable among the City Series of strollers:

  • City Select – Probably the market’s most versatile baby stroller, the City Select Stroller acts as a pram, travel system, or a double/triple configuration for growing families. Not a jogging stroller. Comes in eight attractive colors.
  • City Mini – Touted as Baby Jogger’s most innovative baby stroller, the City Mini Stroller alone has won several awards due to its superior mobility, sleekness, and nimbleness. Not a jogging stroller. Comes in six two-tone colors.
  • City Mini Double – Essentially the City Mini adapted for two little ones in a side-by-side configuration. Not a jogging stroller. The City Mini Double Stroller comes in three colors.
  • City Mini 4-Wheel – A four-wheel baby stroller that features a hefty 65lb. weight capacity, yet with its dual front-wheel suspension is surprisingly nimble. Not a jogging stroller. The City Mini 4-Wheel is available in three colors.
  • City Mini GT – Features all-terrain wheels and nice little extras like a convenient hand-operated parking brake and adjustable handlebar. Not a jogging baby stroller. The City Mini GT comes in three colors.
  • City Mini GT Double – This stroller has all the benefits of the Mini GT, but with two seats in a side-by-side configuration. Not a jogging baby stroller. The City Mini GT Double comes in three colors.
  • City Lite – A lightweight offering designed to provide comfortable navigation through urban settings. All wheel suspension. Not a jogging baby stroller. Available in three colors.
  • City Elite – The “SUV” to the City Mini’s compact car, the City Elite is where performance and luxury intersect. Features a top-end weight capacity and high tires for off-road performance without sacrificing comfort. Not a jogging baby stroller. Comes in three attractive colors.

The Summit Series and the F.I.T. Jogger

Baby Jogger also offers the Summit Series and F.I.T Jogger baby strollers, as jogging parents were the first market that Baby Jogger originally intended to service. The Summit X3 offers a single or side-by-side configuration, all-terrain wheels, and all-wheel suspension design to provide a smooth ride no matter the surface or speed. And the F.I.T Jogger represents a modern-day lightweight iteration of the original Baby Jogger that debut some 30 years ago. The Summit X3 is available in two colors, while the F.I.T. Jogger features three colors to choose from.

For more information on Baby Jogger's City Series baby strollers, contact 1.800.758.8580. Make sure browse our selection of affordable, front-to-back City Select Strollers, including Baby Jogger’s acclaimed City Select Double Stroller line.