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Why You Should Choose a Front-To-Back Over a Side-By-Side Double Baby Stroller

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So there’s a new addition to the family coming, or maybe you’ve received news that twins are on the way. Congratulations! Once the jubilation and excitement fades, though, you’ll be left with some important decisions as far as how to best accommodate your growing family.

One such question will be deciding what kind of stroller to buy: A tandem model (also known as front-to-back) or a side-by-side model?

If the older child is younger than four, or you’re welcoming twins, you’ll definitely benefit from a stroller with two seats. And these “double strollers” come in two basic styles: A tandem design with both seats aligned front-to-back in a single line, and a side-by-side orientation that has both seats situated next to each other.

Below, we’ll compare both stroller styles, and explain why we recommend the tandem, front-to-back design over the side-by-side as the best option for families with small children.

Side-By-Side Double Stroller

Some parents like for their little ones to be side-by-side as they’re out traveling, and thus, they choose the side-by-side stroller style. This design essentially mirrors one side of the stroller to the other, allowing the children to see and interact with each other.

Although a solid stroller option for children of similar height and weight, trying to navigate one of these strollers can be very problematic due to its additional width. Basically, you’ll never know beforehand if you’re going to be able to fit a side-by-side through non standard-sized doorways, aisles, sidewalks and walkways, and they’re not the easiest to steer, either. In fact, these difficulties in size and unwieldiness has caused many parents to shun this particular model. Not to mention, it has limited versatility as far attaching and removing an extra seat.

Tandem Double Stroller (Front-To-Back)

When narrow doorways, corridors, aisles, and sidewalks are an issue, the tandem stroller is the obvious choice. As the tandem has the seats arranged in a front-to-back line, they are generally the same width as a basic one seat stroller. This smaller footprint makes navigation far easier than with a side-by-side, plus the new designs are fairly compact as far as length, too. Basically, you don’t feel like you’re driving a truck due to it being so wide and bulky.

Also, most models will easily accommodate infant car seats, allowing you to quickly attach and detach them with ease. Within the tandem category, there are several popular variations:

  • Basic – Standard front-to-back seating with both a fully reclining back seat and stadium-style staggered seating, great for giving the rear child adequate space and sightlines.
  • Single-To-Double – This is basically a stroller that can function as a single or a twin, meaning you can adjust and downsize the stroller if you happen to be transporting only one of the kids. But when both children are on board, the bottom part of this tandem attaches a second seat to the chassis. The infant is positioned in the back, which distributes the weight well for walking/jogging moms.
  • Stand-On Tandem – Great for families with an active older child, this tandem features a platform on the back where a walking child can stand if they need a rest. These also have a knee rest for the walking child to kneel forward onto when riding while standing.

Additionally, each tandem variety offers all the basic accessories, like covered canopies, storage pockets, and snack trays, for example.

So Which Double Stroller Should You buy?

When deciding on a stroller, you’ll have to consider your family’s unique needs, and of course what you can afford. In most cases, however, parents find that the tandem, front-to-back double stroller is by far the more versatile and hassle-free stroller. The ease in navigation and plethora of customization options are simply far superior to the side-by-side style.

When it comes to price, there are indeed budget models available in the front-to-back style, but tandems also come in high-end models that can cost upwards of $1,000, depending on the features. Simply choose a model that best fits your unique situation and is a happy medium in terms of price as many quality front-to-back strollers are priced in the $500-$700 range.

And don’t forget to factor in adaptability, since the stroller will have ever-changing demands placed upon it as your children grow up.

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