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Finding the Right Double Stroller from City Select Strollers

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You are expecting twins and want to find the best double stroller available. There are so many choices, you are getting a little overwhelmed. You would like a stroller that is narrow, as you would like to take the stroller in stores and a double wide won’t allow you the ability to get through tighter spaces. You would also like to use the stroller on walks and when you go for a jog, so you can get out with the babies and exercise.

City Select offers strollers that can grow and change as your family changes. The double stroller offers customization, so you can have your babies facing you or facing out as they get older. It will fold compactly for when you don’t need it or have to stow it in your trunk while traveling. The seats have a 5-point harness, just like car seats are required. They also adjust so your child can recline or sit upright and they can carry up to 45 pounds. The front wheels have suspension so the ride is smoother and there is a basket under the back seat perfect for carrying your diaper bag and belongings.

Have fun and get outside with your twins easily. As our name suggests, we sell strollers that are choice for the city. No matter where you are going, we make it easy and beautiful to travel with your infants or toddlers in style. Shop City Select Strollers for the best double stroller you will love to use everyday. We offer a wide selection of Baby Jogger City Select Double Strollers in different colors and models.