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3 Tips for Finding the Stroller for your Height

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For many people, buying a stroller is a very personal experience. There are so many factors that go into the fit and usefulness of a stroller and most of them go beyond the comfort factors for the infant or toddler who will be sitting in it, although, this is a very important consideration. First and foremost, it’s important to find a stroller to fit your proportions. Here are three tips for finding the right sized stroller for your body type.

  1. Find a stroller with a handle that will fit your height. If you are 6’ tall, you don’t want a standard umbrella stroller made for average height of between 5’4” for women and 5’10” for men. You will end up being slumped over pushing your lovely child around, causing back, shoulder and neck pain.
  2. Likewise, if your height is below than the average, you may not want to try pushing around and lifting the stroller into the car made for someone who is above average height.
  3. For the child, find a stroller that will fit their size properly. Just like with you having to push around an ill-fitting stroller, you don’t want to have your child in an ill-fitting stroller seat. It can be uncomfortable and dangerous for them. For example, don’t use an umbrella stroller for an infant who can’t hold their head up properly.

Find a stroller that is comfortable for your height and that of your partner and save yourselves the pain. City Select Strollers offers strollers that will adjust to fit your child, infant through toddler. We also offer our City Select Double strollers for those of you with two kiddos who need a place to sit while you shop or take a walk through the park. We design our strollers with your child’s growth in mind, so you only have to invest once in the best stroller you’ll ever own.